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Creed II (2018) บ่มแชมป์เลือดนักชก 2

Creed II

Creed II Donnie Kreed won six consecutive fights three years after he lost to “Pretty Ricky Conlan”. Donnie Kreed has won six consecutive fights, including a victory against Danny “Stuntman”, Wheeler and earned the WBC World Heavyweight Championship. He proposes to Bianca to.

Ivan Drago is the Soviet boxer who defeated Donnie’s father Apollo Creed in 1985.

Donnie and Bianca are settled in Los Angeles in a luxury apartment close to Mary Anne, Donnie’s adopted mother, and the widow of Apollo. As they adjust to their new lifestyles and get ready for the upcoming game, Bianca learns that she is expecting. Donnie employs Tony “Little Duke” who is the son of his father’s trainer and later Rocky’s coach , to train his son. After being shocked at the recent events, he hurries into the fight, and suffers a serious injury. Viktor is banned for striking Donnie as he’s laying down, which allows Donnie to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Viktor is a well-known boxer in Russia who has won numerous of fights, which have been awarded the top prize.

Donnie’s ego and body have been destroyed, and he becomes less in love with Bianca. Mary Anne approaches Rocky and he rekindles his relationship with Donnie. Rocky agrees to assist him in training against Viktor who is taking intense physical tests under the direction of Ivan. Bianca has a daughter Amara and Rocky is named her godfather. Donnie and Bianca learn that Amara was born hearing impaired and she inherits her mother’s hearing impairment.

Viktor is a mockery of Donnie and keeps him in constant stress. Viktor has been teasing Donnie publicly and is pulled by his father in a closed room. Rocky and Little Duke train Donnie in an area that is deserted in California. They are focused on fighting inside and also prepare Donnie for the heavy impact Viktor is likely to place upon his body.

In Moscow, the rematch is more even, as a focussed and controlled Donnie engages in a battle with Viktor. Viktor is accustomed to winning by knocking down wins , and his fights are not able to last beyond the fourth round. Donnie seizes this opportunity and takes on Viktor’s challenge even though his ribs are cracked.

Viktor and Ivan continue to train together to Ukraine. Donnie goes to the burial site of Apollo and can make peace with his deceased father and also the obligation of carrying on his legacy, as Donnie and Bianca present their daughter who is wearing the latest hearing aids. Rocky is in Vancouver in order to find peace and meet his son Logan. He is amazed by how similar he is to his ex-wife, Adrian.